Laser Melasma Treatment in El Paso, TX

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What is Melasma?

Melasma can develop at any moment during our lives. These irregular areas of darkened skin often appear on the face, forearms, or neck. These tan, gray, or brownish patches typically appear evenly over the brow, cheeks, nose, chin, or upper lip. Melasma is found more frequently in women with darker skin and is thought to be caused by UV exposure or hormonal fluctuations, such as those that occur during pregnancy and menopause. Our expert team at Country Club Med Spa provides melasma treatment with the cutting-edge Alma Harmony XL PRO laser. This minimally invasive treatment utilizes powerful laser energy to help diminish the appearance of these patches that are related to melasma. Book a skin assessment at our El Paso, TX location to determine whether melasma treatment can help boost your confidence and rejuvenate your skin's appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes melasma?

As a common skin condition, melasma can occur during any stage in your life. It is commonly believed to be caused by hormonal changes, including those that accompany birth control medications and pregnancy. Additional causes typically associated with melasma include sun damage, stress, and familial history.

How does laser treatment for melasma work?

During treatment with the Harmony XL PRO laser handpiece, your technician will direct intense light energy into pigmentated areas on the surface of your skin. The laser will gently work to break down hyperpigmentation so that it can be absorbed by the body. Even though these spots could take on a darker appearance initially, they will most likely become less noticeable after a week.

Does melasma come back after laser treatment?

Though laser options can work to lessen the look of melasma, new tan, brown, or gray patches can still appear over time. Periodic treatments may be planned to help preserve your outcomes.

What is the cost of laser melasma treatment?

At Country Club Med Spa, the cost of melasma treatment with lasers varies according to personal skin issues. Our practitioners will customize a treatment strategy to help fit your desired results and talk with you about the easy payment solutions taken at our El Paso, TX location.

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